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Revup bridges the divide between the CMO and the CEO, CFO and investors.

Revup marketing to meet the financial demands of the C-suite.

  • Align marketing budget with expected outcomes
  • Measure marketing outcomes in financial terms
  • Track and optimize marketing spend
  • Conduct scenario planning to pivot plans instantly
  • Factor marketing effectiveness into valuation
Businessman For The CMO

For the CMO

The CMO has to swivel from the executive world of strategy, finances and cashflow to the marketing world of brand, demand and customer experience - and back again. Too often, CMOs struggle to get a seat at the boardroom table because of “in the weeds” or “vanity” metrics that don’t show up on the company’s bottom line.

Revup is the executive management tool the CMO needs to translate marketing speak into executive speak - from marketing attribution metrics to marketing financial performance. Revup is focused on marketing financial performance including budgets, expenses, objectives and key results, ROI and business value.

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For The CRO

For the CFO

The CFO demands financial accountability from marketing but struggle to justify increased budget requests when marketing’s ROI is difficult to quantify. Marketing expenses are also difficult to categorize and determine which are productive and which are operational in nature.

Revup calculates Marketing ROI and clear-cut Business Value associated with typically soft marketing metrics like Leads. Also, Revup enables marketing to track and categorize every expense so that every dollar at any given time is accounted for.

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For The CEO

For the CEO

The CEO is always looking to produce value for investors. In addition to being confident that the company’s marketing investment is paying off in terms of growth, the CEO is seeking to maximize the company’s overall valuation.

Revup measures marketing performance like an investment. Marketing has short-term gains (sales), mid-term gains (pipeline) and long-term gains (customer retention and brand equity). Revup’s Business Value Calculator puts real financial value on these outcomes that, in turn, boost a company’s valuation.

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Business Value

In financial terms

For Investors

Private equity and venture capital firms conducting M&A due diligence need to have a clear grasp not on the product, service or technology of the target company, but also of their go-to-market (GTM) function.

Understanding the effectiveness of the “marketing machine” and what Business Value it has produced is similar to evaluating a farm not only for the most recent harvest, but also the seeds in the ground, the quality of the soil, and expected crop yield for years to come.

Revup can be dropped into place during due diligence, and with some imported data from the target, produce an ROI and Business Value produced by the marketing investment to date.

This information helps investors analyze the probability of sustained growth or understand what changes may be required.

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This app has completely transformed the way I approach my finances. It's packed with useful features and it's helped me stay on top of my finances and reach my financial goals.

Jenny Wilson

I absolutely love using this app! It's user-friendly interface makes it incredibly easy to track my spending and budget accordingly. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their financial management skills.

Wade Warren

I've tried many different apps, but this one stands out as the best. Its intuitive interface, helpful tools, and insightful reports have made it an essential tool for managing my money.

Ralph Edwards

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